Chill Out Young Fella

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I know everyone saw Zach Randolph knock the mess out of Louis Amundson. This is a clear example of what happens when someone gets frustrated. Your teams getting whooped and you feel like you’re losing respect so you feel the need to prove yourself. So…you give the closest no-name player a cheap shot. The last part isn’t right, but someone forgot to tell Z-Bo. Crime footage below.

Shouldn’t he be used to ass whoopins? He plays for the freakin Clippers and just before that he played for the Knicks! Oh well. *smh


Droppin’ a Deuce

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For those of you that don’t know, the New Orleans Saints just released Deuce McAllister. A number of things come to mind when I think of this move and overall I don’t really like it. Why you ask?

1.Deuce has been with the Saints for a while and was still producing. He struggled with his weight over the years, but it wasn’t too bad. My view is that Tenure + Experience = Undroppable (well, most of the time).

2.Look at their other backs. Pierre Thomas is one raw ass dude, but Reggie Bush is not. Bush is fast, but the only way he has ever contributed to this team was on special teams. He fumbles, gets injured, and is too fancy. All that combined ain’t too good. Even though Bush is pretty awful, we won’t see him get released for a loooong time (if ever) due to him being a #2 overall draft pick.

3. Deuce didn’t doesn’t play around with defenders. When I say this I’m talking about his running style. He didn’t go east, west, or slant ways. Deuce went north and south. Everyone loves a good power back. To add on to that power, he wasn’t the slowest guy either.

It seems like things happen in bunches in the NFL. First we had coaches getting fired left and right and now we have old guys getting dropped from teams. With all that being said, good luck finding another team Deuce.

46 is the new 23

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Happy Birthday to my man Michael Jeffrey Jordan aka Air Jordan aka His Airness aka The Best Ever (well, arguably). Without this guy, the NBA would not be as exciting as it is today. The best shooting guards playing today modelled their game off this guy (most notably Kobe). He is the epitome of the word great and has never disappointed on the court. I know people say that your parents should be your heroes, but this guy is mine. I leave you with some of his great moments.


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has been down and it looks like these computer problems will continue. My return is TBD, sorry yall

What to Watch Tonite- Cavs vs Magic

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Good game tonight. The league’s best forward against the league’s best center. Neither team has an answer for the opposition’s superstar so this should be fun. However, I think the Cavs pull this out on the road. Why? This guy ↓

Crazy Shot

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Every basketball player wants to do something like this and these guys act like it’s nothing haha.

Why Larry Fitzgerald is Awesome #1

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Despite his greatness at his positition, despite him being the best active wide receiver, despite him embarrassing guys week in and week out, Larry Fitzgerald has something else to like about him. He’s an all-around good guy. After what Fitzgerald has done for the Cardinals he should be expecting a huge pay raise, right? Then Boldin starts fuming and beefing with the coaching staff and the Cards can’t really afford to have two great talents at wide receiver anymore. It’s obvious that Arizona would keep Fitzgerald over Boldin anyday so I’m sure that only helped Boldin’s relationship with management (sarcasm folks). This is where Larry steps in. He says that he’ll accept a pay cut just so that they can keep Boldin. That’s the definition of a team player people. Imagine T.O. in Larry’s position. Would he do the same thing? Of course not, he’d be getting more money and if that didn’t happen he’d demand a trade. All in all, you’re a good guy Fitz.