MVP Watch

This has been a fun year in the NBA so far. The Western Conference is mad close with the exception of LA and the Eastern Conference has its bright spots. The MVP race is pretty much the same as last year with a new addition.

1. Kobe Bryant- I really don’t know how anyone cannot like this guy other than just plain jealousy. He is just the best. For those of us (like me) who only got a glimpse of MJ’s Chi-Town days, Kobe is making up for it. At the beginning of the year Kobe took on a somewhat smaller, but still very large, role on his team. With Bynum and Gasol backing you up what else can you do? Then it’s deja vu. Bynum gets hurt. Kobe says you know what, I’m turning it up. Guess what? He’s done just that. Oh and I can’t leave out the fact that his team has the best record in the league.

2. LeBron James- Well, just like Kobe, he’s just nasty. He’s averaging close to a triple double and at the same time nearly 30 points a game. The reason he is behind Kobe is that he has those games where he just disappears. One night he’ll drop a double nickle and another night he’ll put up a double penny. The day he straightens that out is the day I call him the MVP.

3. Dwyane Wade- The way he has turned this team around is unbelievable. It seems like this city has a thing for comebacks with the ‘Phins and now the Heat. The fact that they were in last place with just FIFTEEN WINS last year and are now in fifth place is just wow. If D-Wade had a better supporting cast, there’s no doubt in my mind that Miami would be a threat for the title. Too bad he doesn’t. Therefore, he stays at #3.

4. Dwight Howard- There are so many things I love about this kid. He’s young, he’s tough, he’s fun to watch, and he could be called the best center in the league today (the only reason I say could is because the original Superman threw him around like a rag doll the other day). He leads the league in rpg, he leads the league in blocks, and he’s his team’s leader in points. Without him, the Magic’s plan of jacking up as many threes as possible in 48 minutes wuld fail miserably. 

5. Chris Paul- I’m not the biggest fan of CP3 but I must admit..He got game. He leads the league in assists and steals and he is the last of a dying breed, the true PG. His team is fifth in the West and he’s the main reason for that. This award will come his way one day, but not just yet.

Making a Name: Deron Williams and…uh…Deron Williams

~ by rman620 on March 7, 2009.

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