Starvin Marvin is Hungry…For a Job

As we all know Marvin Harrison just got released. The question now is, where will he go? Well, I’m saving you some trouble.

Cincinnati Bengals- This team is just one big problem. “Who dey?” should be changed to “Where dey?” Chad Johnson had an awful season and now he wants out. Then they get news that their only bright spot last season in Housh is looking for a new home. So what will they do? Picking up Harrison will only put a band aid on the situation because he’s gettin up there in age, but they way I see it is that they can only go up. Why not start with a hall of famer?

Detroit Lions- The Bengals are bad. Fact. The Lions are worse. Another fact. Their offense is pretty young, but that’s no excuse for going 0-16. They got rid of Roy Williams and now Calvin Johnson has absolutely NO help at the wide receiver position. Picking up Marvin will take some of those defenders off CJ and give the QB(still a mystery) someone to pass to.

New York Giants- They’re torn on whether or not to bring back Plaxico. The release of Harrison just gives them another option. It’s obvious that they need a big time receiver. The second that Burress had his “little” incident, the Giants just collapsed. Hixon drops passes all day, Toomer is not the same he used to be, and Smith is used mostly on 3rd down. Harrison might not be the guy for them, but if Plaxico goes, look for the G-men to make a move at WR.

Philadelphia Eagles- Mcnabb just said that he wants the Eagles to make a big time move. Here’s their chance. On top of that, they could get him at a pretty low price depending on his suitors. The Eagles have a solid receiving corps, but don’t be surprised if someone else joins.

Washington Redskins- The Redskins passing game needs a little work. Santana Moss is a solid receiver, but Randle El isn’t much better than a 3 guy. Bring in Harrison and Washington’s passing game will be feared. With the speed of Moss, the hands of Harrison, and the help of Randle El…well, what else needs to be said.

Arizona Cardinals- We all know Arizona is having problems. Boldin wants more money and he already has one foot out the door. Without a passing game the Cards are nothing. Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the NFL no doubt and Breaston can handle the number 2 job. However, it works better for them to keep Breaston at the 3. If Boldin doesn’t leave, this has no chance of happening, but if he goes…don’t be surprised. Also, it may keep Warner around.

~ by rman620 on February 24, 2009.

One Response to “Starvin Marvin is Hungry…For a Job”

  1. My money’s on Philly.

    They get a HOF caliber receiver AND make Donovan happy.

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