NBA GOAT Round 1 Matchup: James vs Iverson

It’s that time again and this time it’s between LeBron James and Allen Iverson. These guys have more in common than you may think so let’s get it y’all.

Records- Both players are former #1 draft picks, both have been ROY, both are perennial all-stars, both have won 2 All-Star Game MVP awards, and both have been on Team USA. So where are the differences? Well, LeBron has two olympic medals (Bronze 2004, Gold 2008 ) whereas Iverson only has one medal (Bronze 2004). Also, LeBron has every record for youngest player to reach a point milestone up to 11,000 points. ADVANTAGE: LEBRON

Context- This would be so much easier of Iverson could just stay put. He has played in Philly, Denver, and now Detroit. In Philly no doubt AI was their superstar and he was basically all they had before the new AI came. Then he goes to Denver and plays with a pretty good team. After that he hits up Motown and plays for a team who is stacked. Then you look at LeBron. Cleveland was so much trash before LeBron was there. Once he got drafted, he turned that team around and to this day he still doesn’t have much of anyone to back him up. This one should be an easy giveaway to LeBron because of Iverson’s trips to Denver and Detroit, but it’s not. Because Iverson had to deal with a garbage team in Philly for so long and had to do it all himself I’m calling this a draw. Mutombo’s blocks only go so far. Sorry Bron, maybe when you have a couple more years under your belt. ADVANTAGE: PUSH

MVP Awards- This is a quickie due to LeBron’s young career. The Answer won this award back in ’01 and Bron is still looking for numero uno. ADVANTAGE: IVERSON

Innovation- I love this category because it can always go either way. Both of these players have unique styles of the game that are incomparable to anyone. AI brought the sickest crossover to the league while Bron brought hops greater than Erving and Wilkins combined. I’ve seen both players make innumerable great plays on offense and defese. AI crossed Jordan and led the league in steals in multiple years. Bron rips shots off the backboard and scores at will. Who wins this round? It’s a toughie but I must say that Iverson’s 12 years have changed the game a little more than James’ 5. ADVANTAGE: IVERSON

Transcendence- Both of these guys will be Hall of Famers when their times come. Right now I don’t think you can call either one of these guys legends. This is OK for LeBron because he is so young, but Iverson has been in the league for years. I can’t seem to get his run-ins with the law out of my head either. LeBron’s endorsements, commercials, Redeem Team gold and many other things will get him to that legendary status sooner than you think. ADVANTAGE: LEBRON

Leadership- This is just an ad-lib category because we had an unexpected tie. Iverson led his team to the Finals back in 01, but he came up dry. After that he was basically done leading anything. LeBron led his team to the Finals two years ago with some heroic performances and now he may be back there this year. On top of that, he always goes to practice. ADVANTAGE: LEBRON

LeBron pulls out the win in this battle, but Iverson still does his thing. He plays hard and is passionate about what he does. He just got matched up with a phenom and was dealt a first round loss.

~ by rman620 on January 19, 2009.

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