My Beef with the Eagles/Cardinals Game

Cards/ Curtis

I know I made the game out to be like it was all great and what not. It was a good game, but I still have something troubling me. Those refs were awful. They blew TWO pass interference calls. It’s not like these were little plays either. If these were some 5 yard passes in the first quarter that meant nothing I’d be OK. Too bad they were in the second half on pivotal plays for the Eagles. The first one was on a third or fourth down. I don’t remember the players. All I remember is that an Eagle WR got held for like 2 yards and nothing happened. This was pretty obvious too. Before the ball was passed the guy grasped him (holding, penalty 1), then the ball is passed and he doesn’t let go (pass interference, penalty 2), everyone looks around and there is no flag.  Then, it happens again. This time it’s the Eagles’ last chance. Mcnabb throws the ball to the corner and Curtis is tripped up while the ball is still in the air. For those that say, “let them play,” you’re retards. It’s not a little bump, this play decided the game and Curtis got tripped. Some plays I’ll agree because you gotta hold your whistle sometime, but this is ridiculous. That no call decided a team’s fate. For all we know, the Eagles could be going to Tampa if it weren’t for incompetent refs. Anyway, I don’t like either one of these teams, I just needed to get that out. I hope the NFL likes low TV ratings because that’s what they just earned with this Super Bowl.

~ by rman620 on January 19, 2009.

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