Eagles 25 Cardinals 32 (Recap)

The story of this game…Redemption. Regardless of which team won this game, one thing would stand true; two quarterbacks who’s careers were hanging by a string have brought their teams withing one game of the Super Bowl. Here’s how it played out. By the end of the first half it appeared as if the Cards were gonna run away with this one. Kurt Warner was playing a phenomenal game, Fitzgerald had three TDs, and EJ was doing his thing. I guess this is where you can throw in the word complacency because the Eagles ran the second half. Mcnabb started completing throws, the defense was stepping up, and an unexpected hero emerged in Brent Celek. The Eagles just kept on trucking and then they finally took the lead 25-24. At this point I was pretty happy because I thought I had made another correct pick. Then the Cards decided to ruin my fun. It was like someone lit a fire under their asses. They pulled off a long, time-consuming drive and left the Eagles with less than 3 minutes of clock to work with and a 7 point defecit. Obviously the Eagles didn’t overcome that defecit and now the Cardinals have a chance to win their first modern era Super Bowl. This brings me back to my original point of redemption. The last time Kurt Warner was in the Super Bowl he had to face a young Tom Brady and he lost. Now he has to face either a young Joe Flacco or a young Roethlisberger who is looking for ring number two. Only time will tell if he will be able to lock up another ring, but either way, it should be a good game. Congrats Cards and I don’t know why I ever doubted you guys because you keep finding a way to win.

rman620 PLAYOFF RECORD: 6-3

~ by rman620 on January 19, 2009.

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