NBA GOAT Round 1 Matchup: Jordan vs Thomas

Jordan vs Thomas. A matchup of two greats who brought us classic playoff battles and new moves to do at the park. So who’s better? Let’s look at it it this way…

Records- Let’s start with what both players share. Both are apart of the NBA’s list of 50 greatest players and both were perennial all-stars. Other than that, they aren’t too similar so let’s go to their remaining accomplishments. Isiah Thomas; he’s got two rings, in which he was MVP for one of them, he was selected to both the All-NBA first team and second team multiple times in his career, and he was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2000. Jordan’s time for the Hall of Fame will probably come this year so let’s see what he’s done. He’s a 9-time NBA All Defensive first team selection, he was Defensive POY in 87-88,  he’s a 10-time All-NBA first team selection, and a 6-time champion. Oh, and about those rings, he was MVP for each and every one. Sorry Zeke, but you get no points for “fastest to ruin a franchise.” ADVANTAGE: MJ

Context- I can’t really use context based on the time they played in because they played at the same time for the most part. I’m using it based on who played around them during a really good year for that team. For the Piston’s I’m using 89-90 and for Chi-town I’m using 95-96. Looking at the Pistons, they were raw as hell back then. Just to name a few they had dudes like Adrian Dantley, Joe Dumars, and my dog Chocolate Thunder. Looking at the Bulls, it’s a mystery how they went 72-10. Not really because they had Jordan and Pippen, but still. Other than those two the only people worth naming are Longley and Kukoc; nothing special there. I’m sure you can see where this is going. ADVANTAGE: MJ

MVP Awards- Well this should be quick. Thomas was Finals MVP in 1990 and…*searches…*searches…that’s it. Jordan on the other hand was a 5 time NBA MVP and he won 6 Finals MVP awards. Need I say more? ADVANTAGE: MJ

Innovation- Here we go. Finally a category that both players have a chance in…kinda. Thomas, you’re up. Back in the 80s, Zeke’s only competitor at PG was Magic Johnson; and that wasn’t even fair cuz dude is 6’9”. On top of that, Isiah was a tough little guy. He played hard and could take over a game whenever he felt like it. Even though he was little, he was the heart of the “Bad Boys.” Jordan on the other hand is in my top 5 of the most graceful players ever. He could throw it down on you (click for example), fly right by you(click for example) , or just pull up and wet one in your face (click for another example). After all that, I feel like I’m selling Thomas short. No doubt both changed the game for their respective positions. That’s why no one loses this one. ADVANTAGE: PUSH

Transcendence- Both players are straight up legends. At the end of the day, it boils down to this. Who do most young basketball players idolize? For the slow, the answer is Michael Jordan. 98% of people won’t even argue that this dude is the greatest of all time (I’m part of that 2% btw). Isiah you were a great player, but Jordan might just be the greatest. ADVANTAGE: MJ

All in all, both players are good. Even though Isiah got swept he’s still one of the greatest to pick up a basketball. If I wasn’t so busy all the time, and didn’t have a life, I would start up a consolation bracket and I bet he would rip it up. For now, that stone remains unturned and Jordan moves on.

Click for original bracket

~ by rman620 on January 15, 2009.

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