Best NBA Player of All Time

Alright my people, I was on the computer and I saw an article about the 10th anniversary of MJ’s retirement. I saw a bunch of people saying how no one comes close to his greatness and I disagree. So I decided to start a bracket on the best NBA player of all time. Please comment and tell me who should and should not advance and I will take your thoughts into account. By the way, there is no seeding in this bracket, I kinda just threw people on there. UPDATE: Matchup changes on left side; Bird vs Kidd, Johnson vs Erving & James vs Iverson.


Michael Jordan
Game 1
Isiah Thomas


Kobe Bryant
Game 5
Shaquille O’Neal


Winner of 1
Game 9
Winner of 2


Winner of 5
Game 11
Winner of 6


Winner of 9
Game 13 Winner of 10


Winner of 13
Game 15 Winner of 14


Winner of 11
Game 14
Winner of 12


Larry Bird
Game 2 Jason Kidd


Tim Duncan
Game 6
Kevin Garnett


LeBron James
Game 3
Allen Iverson


Bill Russell
Game 7
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Winner of 3
Game 10
Winner of 4


Winner of 7
Game 12
Winner of 8


Julius Erving
Game 4
Magic Johnson


Oscar Robertson
Game 8
Wilt Chamberlain


~ by rman620 on January 13, 2009.

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