Cardinals 33 Panthers 13 (Recap)

Can he return to the promised land?

Can he return to the promised land?

Okay so ya boy is 5-1 now. I will call this my greatest prediction of the playoffs so far lol. How bout them Cards though. They weren’t lying when they said that being underdogs motivates them. I didn’t see one person pick the Cards and I bet those people are mad salty right now. Larry Fitzgerald was just beastin and he didn’t even have Boldin on his side. On top of that, the Arizona defense was impenetrable. They forced Carolina to go 2-8 on third down and allowed only 13 points, even though the last 6 was a meaningless touchdown with hardly any time left. What about Jake Delhomme? Just like I said in my preview of the game, “If Delhomme doesn’t step it up, Carolina has nooooo chance.” Well, he didn’t. As a matter of fact, that’s a huge understatement. At one point in time it looked like he was playing for Arizona. How in the hell do you turn the ball over 6 times by yourself? I also would like to apologize to the Cardinals’ run game because they showed up today. Now whoever they play next week will have to worry about the running game and the pass game. In the end, The Cards played like champs today and the Panthers played like the Lions.

rman620 PLAYOFF RECORD: 5-1

~ by rman620 on January 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cardinals 33 Panthers 13 (Recap)”

  1. Sweet pick!

  2. ha yeah man. it kind of came from my bias of being a bucs fan and hating the panthers 2 tho lol

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