Divisional Playoff Preview- Eagles vs Giants

Which Mcnabb will show up Sunday?

Which Mcnabb will show up Sunday?

Once again, the Eagles are gonna be in what should be a really good game and once again, it comes down to the halfback position. This time the Eagles don’t just face a beast, they face the elements (literally and figuratively). This bye week has rested the Giants and helped them get over their injuries. Now with a healthy Jacobs, the Giants running attack aka Earth, Wind & Fire, should be back to its old self. The Giants bring to the table 2 1,000 yard rushers in Jacobs in Ward and the NFL’s leading sh offense. Don’t get too happy just yet Giants fans, Philly is bringing some fire power of their own with top 5 rushing and passing defenses; and you can’t forget about Mcnabb who has been playing like the skilled youngin he once was. To add to the fun, both teams have all their key players healthy again. For all you haters, I don’t see the Giants’ slump as a factor here because this is round 2 of the playoffs and everyone is giving it their all. After the way the Eagles played last week, New York has something to worry about. If the Giants want to win this game their rushing attack will have to be on point. On top of that, they will have to pressure Mcnabb and guard the flats so Mcnabb can’t dump a short pass off to Westbrook. For the Eagles to win they will have to keep EWF under control and take the Giants D-Line out of the game. With all that said, the biggest game breaker today will be Mcnabb. If he has a good game, the Eagles win, if not, they don’t. I don’t see him having above an OK game so G-Men win this game and go to the NFC Championship. Final Score: Giants 23 Eagles 16.

~ by rman620 on January 10, 2009.

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