WTF?!?! Shanahan Gets Fired and the Owner Cries

First off I thought Shanahan getting fired was some dumb shit. He’s been in Denver for forever and everyone knows and loves the guy. Denver had a bad season this year..ok. How bout they had to deal with injured halfbacks, injured Champ Bailey, and a young QB. Shanahan’s focus has always been on offense and the defense has never been better than OK. On top of that, the guy brought two Superbowl wins to Denver. Now the owner is sitting there crying when asked about firing him..dumbass. If you were really sad you wouldn’t have fired the guy. He says he thinks it’s time for change. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. To keep that analogy going, fix the players who couldn’t finish the season. When things go wrong in sports you can’t always blame the coaches. They can only tell the players what to do (unless you’re Bob Cousy). Anyway, all I really want to say is don’t fire a guy and then cry about it. All you do is give false hope and make yourself look like an ass. Unless the Broncos get Cowher (or someone good in general) I say this is a bad move.

~ by rman620 on December 31, 2008.

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