Yearly Awards (NFL)

I know the season still has a week to go, but I think that the winners are starting to show up.

Executive of the Year, Bill Parcells- Well I’m sure this one is obvious. He turned the Dolphins around from a 1-15 disaster to a potential winner of the AFC East.

Coach of the Year, Tony Sparano– He’s done the same thing as Parcells. He’s got this team whipped into shape and taking them to the playoffs. I can already see who it is next year…Mike Singletary

Comeback Player of the Year, Kerry Collins- He hasn’t even thrown over 90 passes since 2005 and this year I’d say he’s done a little bit more than that. Now he’s the leader of an AFC powerhouse that has a real shot of winning the Superbowl.

Offensive Rookie of the Year, Matt Ryan- This one was a pretty obvious pick. He took charge of an awful Falcons team that had lost it’s star QB to legal problems, lost it’s coach to college football, and was in danger of looking like this year’s Lions. This kid was labeled as a bust before he was even drafted and now the Falcons can lock up the #2 seed in the NFC next week.

Defensive Rookie of the Year, Jason Jones- He’s got 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. There’s not much of a choice this year so I gave it to him since he’s on a really good Titans team.

Offensive Player of the Year, Drew Brees- Since he’s not my MVP I’m giving him this award. He’s thrown for 30 TDs, over 4,500 yards, and his QB rating is over 95. I think he’s a pretty good choice.

MVP, Eli Manning- He’s my MVP because he is the leader of the best team in the NFL. He’s got 21 TD passes, over 3,000 yards passing, and QB rating over 85. That’s not bad. Even though his numbers aren’t as good as Brees, his team is doing much better. If the Saints had made the playoffs then the winner would most likely be Brees, but they suck so he loses.

~ by rman620 on December 26, 2008.

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