Top 5- Running Backs

This time I’m ranking the best active running backs in the NFL today. I’m not doing this by stats or popularity, I’m doing this based on market value and skill.

5. Brian Westbrook- Not only can he make defenders miss and run them over, he has good hands. On top of that, after the catch Westbrook is better than most backs.

4. Clinton Portis- Portis is younger, bigger, and stronger than Westbrook. To add on to that, he is faster and more agile. He runs a 4.26 and he’s got the moves to make the most nimble cornerback trip over his own two feet.

3. Steven Jackson- S Jax is 6′ 2”, 235 lbs, and he’s only 25. I’d say he’s got pretty good value. To add on to that, he’s got mad speed. With that size he’s running a mid 4.4 forty. Wow. With that combo of size and speed he can outrun most defenders and if not then he can truck them. When healthy he’s a monster.

2. Adrian Peterson- Peterson is the youngest in the group, 23, which adds to his value. Even though he’s more of a finesse back, Peterson still ahs good size coming in at 6′ 1” and 217 lbs. He also has pretty good speed with a 4.40 forty. Oh, and did I mention that he already has the record for most yards in a game? (I know I said it wasn’t about stats, but that’s one I can’t leave out).

1. Brandon Jacobs- By far the best value. This guy is 6’4” and 264 lbs. He still runs a mid 4.4 forty btw. Even though Jacobs has the speed to outrun DBs, the ability to make DBs miss, he doesn’t want to. He wants to punish them for even wanting to bring him down. Even if Jacobs gets a 2 yard carry, the defense is getting much more hurt than he is. Remember Laron Landry?

Honorable Mentions- LT (I figured I had to throw him in somewhere), Frank Gore, Michael Turner

~ by rman620 on December 23, 2008.

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