MVP Watch

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This has been a fun year in the NBA so far. The Western Conference is mad close with the exception of LA and the Eastern Conference has its bright spots. The MVP race is pretty much the same as last year with a new addition.

1. Kobe Bryant- I really don’t know how anyone cannot like this guy other than just plain jealousy. He is just the best. For those of us (like me) who only got a glimpse of MJ’s Chi-Town days, Kobe is making up for it. At the beginning of the year Kobe took on a somewhat smaller, but still very large, role on his team. With Bynum and Gasol backing you up what else can you do? Then it’s deja vu. Bynum gets hurt. Kobe says you know what, I’m turning it up. Guess what? He’s done just that. Oh and I can’t leave out the fact that his team has the best record in the league.

2. LeBron James- Well, just like Kobe, he’s just nasty. He’s averaging close to a triple double and at the same time nearly 30 points a game. The reason he is behind Kobe is that he has those games where he just disappears. One night he’ll drop a double nickle and another night he’ll put up a double penny. The day he straightens that out is the day I call him the MVP.

3. Dwyane Wade- The way he has turned this team around is unbelievable. It seems like this city has a thing for comebacks with the ‘Phins and now the Heat. The fact that they were in last place with just FIFTEEN WINS last year and are now in fifth place is just wow. If D-Wade had a better supporting cast, there’s no doubt in my mind that Miami would be a threat for the title. Too bad he doesn’t. Therefore, he stays at #3.

4. Dwight Howard- There are so many things I love about this kid. He’s young, he’s tough, he’s fun to watch, and he could be called the best center in the league today (the only reason I say could is because the original Superman threw him around like a rag doll the other day). He leads the league in rpg, he leads the league in blocks, and he’s his team’s leader in points. Without him, the Magic’s plan of jacking up as many threes as possible in 48 minutes wuld fail miserably. 

5. Chris Paul- I’m not the biggest fan of CP3 but I must admit..He got game. He leads the league in assists and steals and he is the last of a dying breed, the true PG. His team is fifth in the West and he’s the main reason for that. This award will come his way one day, but not just yet.

Making a Name: Deron Williams and…uh…Deron Williams

Reasons to Stay Out of Jail

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Just to keep from angering people, I wanna just say that I am not a homophobe. However, watching this video made me want to do two things: (1) Stop sagging my pants and (2) underestimating little guys. Funny ass shit though.

No Vets Allowed

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As the Bucs look to get younger, they rid themselves of fan favorites

As the Bucs look to get younger, they rid themselves of fan favorites

Looks like the new GM in Tampa is doing his best Parcells impression. Today the Bucs released some notable vets: Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, Cato June, Joey Galloway, and Ike Hilliard. The most shocking is the Brooks release. I never thought I’d see the day this guy wasn’t in pewter and red. Here’s a statement from the front office.


“Our family and the entire Tampa Bay community owe Derrick an indescribable measure of gratitude for all that he has meant over the last 14 years,” Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer said in a statement. “His play on the field and leadership in the locker room helped resurrect our franchise and we look forward to celebrating his certain enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

Now the question is where will these guys go? Let’s start with Mr. Derrick Brooks.

Really, I don’t see him on anything other than a team with a young defense. This would give them that veteran leadership everyone loves and it would be temporary…one or two years max. Teams that fit: Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs

Cato June and Warrick Dunn still have some market value so I think they’ll have some suitors. No worries there.

Ike Hilliard and Joey Galloway may have some trouble. Joey Galloway actually may have to retire. Ike Hilliard could see himself on a team that needs a good number 3 guy like the Jets.

Starvin Marvin is Hungry…For a Job

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As we all know Marvin Harrison just got released. The question now is, where will he go? Well, I’m saving you some trouble.

Cincinnati Bengals- This team is just one big problem. “Who dey?” should be changed to “Where dey?” Chad Johnson had an awful season and now he wants out. Then they get news that their only bright spot last season in Housh is looking for a new home. So what will they do? Picking up Harrison will only put a band aid on the situation because he’s gettin up there in age, but they way I see it is that they can only go up. Why not start with a hall of famer?

Detroit Lions- The Bengals are bad. Fact. The Lions are worse. Another fact. Their offense is pretty young, but that’s no excuse for going 0-16. They got rid of Roy Williams and now Calvin Johnson has absolutely NO help at the wide receiver position. Picking up Marvin will take some of those defenders off CJ and give the QB(still a mystery) someone to pass to.

New York Giants- They’re torn on whether or not to bring back Plaxico. The release of Harrison just gives them another option. It’s obvious that they need a big time receiver. The second that Burress had his “little” incident, the Giants just collapsed. Hixon drops passes all day, Toomer is not the same he used to be, and Smith is used mostly on 3rd down. Harrison might not be the guy for them, but if Plaxico goes, look for the G-men to make a move at WR.

Philadelphia Eagles- Mcnabb just said that he wants the Eagles to make a big time move. Here’s their chance. On top of that, they could get him at a pretty low price depending on his suitors. The Eagles have a solid receiving corps, but don’t be surprised if someone else joins.

Washington Redskins- The Redskins passing game needs a little work. Santana Moss is a solid receiver, but Randle El isn’t much better than a 3 guy. Bring in Harrison and Washington’s passing game will be feared. With the speed of Moss, the hands of Harrison, and the help of Randle El…well, what else needs to be said.

Arizona Cardinals- We all know Arizona is having problems. Boldin wants more money and he already has one foot out the door. Without a passing game the Cards are nothing. Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the NFL no doubt and Breaston can handle the number 2 job. However, it works better for them to keep Breaston at the 3. If Boldin doesn’t leave, this has no chance of happening, but if he goes…don’t be surprised. Also, it may keep Warner around.

The Littlest Big Man

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The NBA has changed over the years. The players have gotten bigger, faster, and more athletic so one would be right to think that the game has gotten tougher. Right? Well, not exactly. The game has actually gotten softer. So soft that international games call less fouls. However, one guy just doesn’t seem to care. This guy is Nate Robinson. This guy plays tough, hustles, and isn’t afraid to challenge the biggest guys in the leauge.

Sometimes he actually wins these battles.

The best part of it all is that he’s only 5 feet 9. On top of being tough, he keeps the game exciting by being mad flashy.

If only more players were like Nate and not like…let’s see…Anderson Varejao. Guess you can’t get everything you want (waits for Burger King joke).

Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

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There’s really not that much to say here except that the world’s greatest golfer, Tiger Woods, is coming back early. Next week he will be in the WGC-Accenture Match Play. You know you’re a bad dude when you’ve been out for forever and people are still picking you to win. Even when he was hurt last season he was still whoopin on everyone so him winning really ain’t out of the question. Good Luck Eldrick and let’s hope that knee holds up.

The Return of Sir Charles

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We can all take a deep, relaxing breath now because everyone’s favorite commentator gets to keep his job. The man who has made his living by saying things like, “I have nothing against old people; I want to be one myself one day” is going to be back on TNT for tonight’s double header. Let’s be real, how much would the ratings fall for the pregame and postgame shows if Charles Barkley didn’t come back. TNT really had no choice because this guy is just good TV. Welcome back Mr. Barkley and remember, everyone likes to get some, just don’t get arrested before you can get it.